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Research has shown that the quality of teaching impacts student achievement. An essential element in promoting good teaching is the evaluation of staff. An evaluation system should serve to assess competence of the employee in order to assure quality. Evaluation processes also function as tools to improve employee skills and knowledge by identifying strengths and weaknesses. In this role, the evaluation guides the professional development and growth of the employee. Finally, evaluations provide specific information for employment decisions. For the public schools, employee evaluation provides a means to improve student performance by helping teachers and other staff to assess and improve their skills.

Since 1985, North Carolina's public schools have utilized a statewide program for performance evaluation based on the principles of effective teaching. Pursuant to the passage of the Excellent Schools Act in 1997, the State Board of Education adopted new standards for the evaluation of teachers, school administrators, central office staff, and superintendents. In 2000, newly revised or developed evaluation instruments were implemented to meet the legislative requirements emphasizing improving student achievement, employee skills, and employee knowledge. In 2006-07 the State Board of Education adopted 21st Century standards for the evaluation of teachers and school administrators.

School systems have the option of adopting evaluation instruments developed during the revision process or may choose to use instruments developed by the school system. Locally developed evaluations must be properly validated and include standards and criteria that are similar to those adopted by the State Board. School systems are encouraged to select evaluation instruments and processes that best meet their needs and desired results. The selection and implementation of an effective evaluation system may be one of the most important decisions a school system can make.


  • NC Professional Teaching Standards
    (pdf, 2.4mb)
  • NC Standards for School Executives
    (pdf, 2.0mb)
  • NC Standards for Central Office Administrators
    (pdf, 18kb)
  • NC Standards for Superintendents
    (pdf, 111kb)