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In 2015 the State Board of Education revised Policy GCS-C-039 directing the Department of Public Instruction to include in the four-year and five-year cohort graduation rates any student who receives a standard diploma awarded in collaboration with a community college; signed by the college president and the local district superintendent or charter school director.

Effective March 2015, the Board aligned Policy GCS-Q-000 allowing students withdrawing from a public school and enrolling in a community college Adult High School (AHS) diploma program to be coded “W2T” (reason code CCAHS). ¬†Though still technically dropouts, students coded as W2T are included in a school’s dropout count but not in the school’s dropout statistics for that year.

Coding students as W2T requires districts to verify and document a student’s continuous enrollment in the AHS program (fall and spring semesters). If a W2T-coded student does not maintain continuous enrollment, the withdrawal code must be changed to W2, and the student must be reported as a dropout and included in the statistics.  Therefore, a dropout who is reported as W2T for the current year dropout collection (and not counted in current year dropout statistics) will be counted in the statistics in a future dropout collection if continuous enrollment is not maintained, verified, and documented by the district.¬†

Adult High School students identified as W2T will be listed along with all other dropouts on the Verified Dropout report in PowerSchool.  These students will be excluded from the numbers used in the PowerSchool Dropout Calculation and Summary by Gender/Ethnicity reports and from state-reported dropout statistics.

Schools are not required to participate in the W2T process of special coding and tracking of these students.  Instead, schools may choose to continue coding students leaving for Adult High School programs with reason code COMM and without using the W2T designation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do AHS students county toward the school’s and LEA’s graduation rates?
  • Should a student who fails to maintain continuous enrollment in an AHS program, is counted as a dropout, and later continues in the AHS program, be recoded as a W2T?

The answers to these and other frequently asked questions can be found in the document below.
(pdf, 87kb)

Coding in PowerSchool

The Community College Adult High School Program User Guide linked below provides step-by-step instructions for coding enrolled and graduating Adult High School (W2T) students.

NC Community Colleges - Adult High School
Implementation Guide and Affiliation of Agreement