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12614 Scotland County Schools Twilight Success Academy (pdf, 837kb) (xls, 38kb)
12622 Beaufort County Schools (pdf, 1.3mb) (xls, 57kb)
12662 Edenton-Chowan Schools (pdf, 444kb) (pdf, 108kb)
12678 Cleveland County Schools (pdf, 584kb) (xls, 81kb)
12688 Jones County Public Schools (pdf, 240kb) (xls, 42kb)
12726 Cumberland County Schools (pdf, 1.5mb) (xls, 40kb)
12750 God's Grace Ministries: Operation Homework (pdf, 828kb) (xls, 52kb)
12752 Granville County Schools (pdf, 526kb) (xls, 79kb)
12760 Communities In Schools/Lexington/Davidson (pdf, 831kb) (xls, 79kb)
12762 Student Success Academy-Pitt County Schools (pdf, 571kb) (xls, 80kb)
12810 OIC of Wilson, Inc. (pdf, 9.8mb) (pdf, 3.2mb)
12874 Johnston County Schools (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 79kb)
12946 Avery County Schools (pdf, 295kb) (xls, 79kb)
12998 Ivory Community Development Corporation (pdf, 165kb) (xls, 38kb)
13062 Harnett County Schools (pdf, 565kb) (xls, 39kb)
13064 Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc. (pdf, 571kb) (xls, 80kb)
13082 Anson County Schools (pdf, 652kb) (xls, 45kb)
13142 ECity-Pasquotank Public Schools Foundation, Inc (pdf, 6.9mb) (xls, 88kb)
13146 Asheville YWCA and Western NC (pdf, 121kb) (xls, 38kb)
13158 Iredell-Statesville Schools (pdf, 198kb) (xls, 79kb)
13174 Buncombe County Schools (pdf, 822kb) (xls, 79kb)
13310 Building Hope Community Life Center, Inc. (pdf, 348kb) (xls, 79kb)
14002 CIS Randolph County (pdf, 806kb) (xls, 39kb)
14060 Purpose of God Annex Outreach Center (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 88kb)
14068 CIS Brunswick County, Inc. (pdf, 803kb) (xls, 79kb)
14078 One Economy Corporation (pdf, 817kb) No Information Received
14122 Wilson County Department of Social Services (pdf, 831kb) (xls, 46kb)
14142 Henderson Adolescent Parenting Program (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 79kb)
14204 The Children's Council of Watauga County, Inc. (pdf, 412kb) (pdf, 235kb)
14216 Boys & Girls Club of Cabarrus County After School (pdf, 945kb) (xls, 52kb)
14248 Alliance for Children & Youth (pdf, 8.3mb) (xls, 79kb)
15017 The Housing Authority of The City of Durham No Information Received No Information Received
15028 C-STARS Haywood County Schools (pdf, 1.4mb) (xls, 87kb)
15034 Halifax County Schools (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 87kb)
15040 Hallyburton Academy (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 74kb)
15046 Lakewood High School (pdf, 1.8mb) (xls, 79kb)
15058 CIS of Pitt County No Information Received No Information Received
15064 Durham Academy (pdf, 826kb) (xls, 45kb)
15100 Jackson County Public Schools (pdf, 1.3mb) (xls, 88kb)
16066 Expanding Our Horizon-Outreach Development (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 38kb)
16342 Communities in Schools of Cape Fear, Inc. (pdf, 328kb) (xls, 0kb)
16358 Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Inc. (pdf, 831kb) (xls, 52kb)
16367 Cherokee County Schools (pdf, 831kb) (xls, 43kb)
16401 Community Development Resource Services (pdf, 593kb) (xls, 38kb)
16419 Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools (pdf, 799kb) (xls, 79kb)
16639 Alleghany County Schools (pdf, 526kb) (xls, 79kb)
16712 NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Inc. (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 39kb)
16714 Academic Abundance, Inc. (pdf, 560kb) (xls, 90kb)
16886 Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA (pdf, 848kb) (xls, 38kb)
16923 HATS (Helping All Teens Succeed) (pdf, 1.4mb) (xls, 48kb)
16966 Weldon City Schools (pdf, 43kb) (xls, 87kb)
17034 North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals (pdf, 1.3mb) (pdf, 61kb)
17039 Sarah Herbin Academy for Success (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 80kb)
17074 Partnership for Children of Lenoir/Greene County (pdf, 1.4mb) (xls, 52kb)
17189 Family Resource Center of Raleigh, Inc. (pdf, 8.0mb) (xls, 39kb)
17233 Person County Schools (pdf, 1.5mb) (xls, 79kb)
17325 C.S. Brown SDC High School (pdf, 828kb) (xls, 33kb)
17519 Alleghany Connections (pdf, 262kb) (xls, 47kb)
17577 Alexander County Schools (pdf, 654kb) (pdf, 305kb)
17722 Mind of Excellence Education Center (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 45kb)
17889 Lenoir County Schools (pdf, 1.0mb) (xls, 79kb)
17896 Grier Heights Presbyterian Church No Information Received (xls, 44kb)
17914 Z.E.C.A., Inc. (pdf, 543kb) (xls, 79kb)
17924 The E.M.P.O.W.E.R Network, CDC (pdf, 365kb) (xls, 47kb)
17990 Community Boys & Girls Club of Wilmington (pdf, 832kb) (xls, 40kb)
18156 Davidson County Schools (pdf, 3.3mb) (xls, 79kb)
18449 The Hill Center (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 46kb)
18487 University of North Carolina - Wilmington (pdf, 8.1mb) (xls, 38kb)
18491 Rebuilding Broken Places CDC (pdf, 551kb) (xls, 43kb)
18575 Wake County Public School Systems (pdf, 786kb) (xls, 84kb)
18615 Raising Academic Performance (RAP) (pdf, 810kb) (xls, 38kb)
18867 Remedy of Community Needs Ministries (pdf, 1.8mb) (xls, 38kb)
18902 Conetoe Family Life Center, Inc. (pdf, 334kb) (xls, 79kb)
19140 East Carolina University (pdf, 1.2mb) (xls, 38kb)
19188 It's A Kids World Afterall Academy, Inc. (pdf, 8.6mb) (pdf, 1.8mb)
19208 Pender County Advancement Center (pdf, 695kb) (xls, 31kb)
19394 Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Salisbury (pdf, 820kb) (pdf, 3.1mb)