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Restorative Practices:  Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools (A Guide for Educators)  (pdf, 315kb)
This toolkit is intended for all educators who support the growth and health of students in schools.  It includes digestible models, frameworks, and action steps for school-wide implementation, accompanied by guiding questions to support reflection for practitioners looking to make restorative methods a part of the fabric of daily life in schools.

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Success Mentors Initiative
MBK Success Mentors Initiative is a groundbreaking response to the challenge of chronic student absences in our country.  The initiative is the nation’s first-ever effort to scale an evidence-based, data-driven mentor model to reach and support the highest risk students—using existing resources already linked to schools, and the early warning metric of chronic absenteeism to drive student success.

North Carolina Dropout Prevention Toolkit:  Reviewing Data to Improve Graduation Outcomes
What can you and your school do to ensure that students graduate college and career ready?  Developed for North Carolina schools by the American Institutes of Research, this toolkit provides guidance on specific steps for data analysis, questions and discussions to guide improving graduation outcomes for students in your district.  
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(pdf, 1.5mb)

Parent Engagement Toolkit
Parents and caregivers are among the most important stakeholders in a child’s educational successes.  The Annie E. Casey Foundation and America’s Promise Alliance developed a toolkit to provide a set of resources to effectively reach out to parents, solicit their perspectives and engage them in the development of strategies leading to educational success for their children.

Strategic Planning to Improve the Graduation Rate
System Renewal is one of the 15 Effective Strategies published by the National Dropout Prevention Center.  This webcast shares how one school system has used this process of planning and continuous review of results to help keep students in school.

Strategies for Creating Socially Inclusive School Communities for ALL Students
Barbara Oswald, director of Youth Initiatives & Program Development for Special Olympics South Carolina, facilitates a webcast to help navigate connections between inclusive school climate strategies and dropout prevention initiatives. Learn how Project UNIFY empowers all youth as change agents through a combination of sports and education in schools across the country.

Diplomas Count 2016: Report and Graduation Rates
When Education Week published its first Edition of Diplomas Count 10 years ago, national high school graduation rates were all over the map.  Consistent with long-term trends, members of the class of 2014 from historically disadvantaged racial or ethnic groups and those with distinct educational needs are much less likely to finish high school. 
This special report examines graduation results by state and “tried and true” principles of school improvement, and highlights stories from districts across the country that have integrated those principles into innovative new designs for high schools.