"We must send one clear message to our young people: Graduate.”
--Dr. June Atkinson, State Superintendent

High School graduation is a minimum requirement for successful adulthood and yet approximately 20 percent of North Carolina students who enter high school as ninth graders will not graduate within four years.

Determining when students enter the "at risk zone" can often be challenging. The At Risk Report available in Home Base provides North Carolina schools and districts the capacity to design early warning reports with research-based, locally-selected risk indicators. The report delivers a listing of courses, sections, and grades associated with students currently at risk of failing for the current term. This information allows administrators, student support staff, and teachers to take a proactive approach prior to the end of term and ensures student accountability. Access to report programming and execution is determined by local district administration.

Click on the document below for step-by-step instructions on how to run the At Risk report.
(pdf, 63kb)

Now Available! Diploma Assessment Report
The diploma assessment report allows districts and schools to monitor the progress of selected grade levels in fulfilling graduation requirements. This report is available in PowerSchool.

We encourage school and district teams to utilize this report to monitor student progress and as a preventative tool to identify students potentially at risk.