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LEAs and Charter Schools required to submit a new plan to NCDPI by November 3, 2008.

As mandated by North Carolina law GS115C-102.6, North Carolina has developed a state educational technology plan to enhance teaching and learning within all its schools. In keeping with the North Carolina vision of building collaborative partners and leadership, a Media and Technology Advisory Committee provides the optimal medium for creating a system-level technology plan and for implementing a strong educational technology program. Planning is most effective when those responsible for the instructional program are involved in designing, implementing, and making decisions about administrative and educational technology. Students are more likely to be successful in achieving in-depth learning when the administrative and teaching staff and the community build a collective vision for technology that is connected to teaching and learning.

The North Carolina Educational Technology Plan has been designed to reflect North Carolina's Future-Ready Schools for the 21st Century. This will be done by supporting and enhancing the North Carolina State Board of Education's strategic priorities of Globally Competitive Students; 21st Century Professionals, Healthy and Responsible Students; Leadership for Innovation; and 21st Century Systems.

Use the current Budget Spreadsheet (xls, 73kb) for the 08-09 academic year. Begin using the revised spreadsheet for the 09-10 budget.

2009-2013 LEA Tech Plan Presentation
(ppt, 369kb)

2009-2013 LEA Tech Plan Template
(doc, 201kb)

2009-2013 LEA Tech Plan Budget Spreadsheet
(xls, 69kb)

Comparison Matrix
(doc, 101kb)

2009-2013 State Educational Technology Plan