From summer 2014 through spring 2015, Network teachers created professional development (PD) based on their own action research to share statewide via Home Base. NCDPI provided initial training and ongoing support, and connected with Network teachers via webinars through the school year.

Network teachers defined an instructional problem that has become a trend in their classroom, school, or district. They investigated and selected an evidence-based strategy to solve the problem, put the strategy into action in their classroom or school, and designed an action research model for examining the effectiveness of the strategy. (Action research is systematically putting specific educational research into action in classrooms to address a particular issue or problem.) Network teachers documented the results of the action research or practice and planned a minimum of three PD sessions in order to share the findings with other educators within the district and region.

  • Staff overview of the project
  • Face-to-face PD session or institute (s) presentation
  • On-line-mini-module housed in Home Base.

The PD addresses the processes that were used to identify the problem, select and modify strategies, and the results of applying the strategies. This work was shared through school Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and became part of the state Professional Learning Network (PLN).