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Policy on the Beginning Teacher Support Program
Beginning (novice) teachers are required to participate in a three-year induction program. During the induction period beginning teachers are to have a formal orientation, mentor support, and both formative and summative evaluations.
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North Carolina Mentor Teacher's Handbook
Activities and tools for supporting beginning teachers.
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Other Resources

  • Mentor Module – Accessing Courses in the PD System of Homebase
    (pdf, 459kb)
  • The 21st Century Mentoring Module is now available through the Professional Development tab located in Home Base.
    The NC 21st Century Mentoring module provides mentors with the 21st century skills and knowledge needed to support beginning teachers. This module is built around the North Carolina Mentor Standards which are aligned with the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and provides direction in how mentors can support beginning teachers in each of the teaching standards. The module was designed to provide the official training required of all mentors in North Carolina. LEAs may use this module to train mentors who have never been trained or to retrain mentors who were trained prior to 2010 when the new NC Mentor Standards were adopted. All North Carolina students deserve effective teachers. North Carolina 21st Century Mentoring Module helps mentors in implementing best practices for guiding beginning teachers to reach their fullest potential. It should take approximately 10 hours to complete the module. and 1 credit (CEU) will be awarded on completion of the module.
  • The Collaborative - look on their Related Links page under On-Line Forms for information on the following:
    • Mentor / New Teacher Log (Monthly)
  • Teachers Helping Teachers
    By teachers, for teachers. The goal of this innovative service is: to provide basic teaching tips to inexperienced teachers; ideas that can be immediately implemented into the classroom; to provide new ideas in teaching methodologies for all teachers; and to provide a forum for experienced teachers to share their expertise and tips with colleagues around the world.
    A site customized for teachers.