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. Public Schools of North Carolina . . State Board of Education . . Department Of Public Instruction .


Mailing Address:
Department of Public Instruction,
6330 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6330

Physical Address:
1st Floor, Education Building
Department of Public Instruction,
301 N. Wilmington Street,
Raleigh, NC 27601-2825

General Phone Numbers:
919.807.3355 (Phone)
919.807.3362 (Fax)

Lynne Johnson, Director 919.807.3355
Karen Haynes, Administrative Secretary 919.807.3914
Yvette Stewart, Assistant Director 919.807.3375
Vanessa Williams, Administrative Assistant 919.807.3360
Crystal Tucker, Administrative Assistant 919.807.3372
Zaneta Brown, GTN Program Assistant 919.807.3377
Sonja Brown, National Board Coordinator 919.807.3358
Joyce Gardner, Director, GTN 919.807.3371
Freda Lee, RttT Project Coordinator 919.807.3371
Robert Sox, Professional Development Consultant 919.807.3348
Cynthia Martin, Professional Development Consultant 919.807.4037
Dan Urbanski, RttT PD Coordinator 919.807.3356
Wendy Hinson, Power School Trainer 919.807.4011
Sue Ann Stalnaker, Power School Trainer 919.807.3338
Aaron Bissonnette, Power School Trainer 919.807.3338
Doug Taggart, TTT Coordinator 919.807.3346
Henry Moore, TTT Program Assistant 919.807.3376
Ann Mainor, Program Assistant 919.807.3355