• The candidate must be a principal of a North Carolina public school and have at least four years experience as an administrator (years may be a combination of assistant principal, principal and central office experience). In a traditional school setting, a principal is a person designated by a local board of education as the head of a school with 100 or more pupils in average daily membership (ADM) and/or with seven or more full-time, state-allotted teachers. The candidate must hold a valid principal's license.

  • The candidate can also be a person designated as the school administrator or head master of a non-traditional, charter school, as assigned by the charter school board of directors and governed under the NC State Board of Education.

  • The candidate must be employed as a school administrator throughout the local and regional selection process. The candidate must also be a practicing school administrator in order to compete for the Wells Fargo Principal of the Year state title and remain a practicing principal for the entire term the candidate, if chosen the state winner, would serve as an advisory member to the State Board of Education.

  • Candidates should merit the respect and admiration of students, teachers, co-workers, and parents. They should be active, not only in their schools, but also in their communities where they distinguish themselves as leaders. Candidates should demonstrate the ability to improve the achievement of students from various backgrounds and with differing capabilities. Administrative and teaching experience, at both primary and secondary levels, is deemed an asset to the candidate.

  • A runner-up will be named in case the winner is unable to serve.

  • Previous state Wells Fargo Principals of the Year are not eligible to be nominated as candidates.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Wells Fargo Principal of the Year Program by contacting the following:

Dr. Yvette Stewart-Mackey, Assistant Director
Educator Effectiveness Division
Public Schools of North Carolina
Department of Public Instruction
6330 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6330
919.807.3375 (phone)
919.807.3362 (fax)