One of Wells Fargo's long-standing goals is to be a good corporate citizen in the communities in which it does business and to enthusiastically demonstrate its support of education. Where education is valued, communities are enriched.


The candidate must:

  • Be a principal of a North Carolina public school.
  • Have at least four years’ experience as an administrator (years may be a combination of assistant principal, principal and central office experience).
  • A principal is a person designated by a local Board of Education as the head of a school with 100 or more pupils in average daily membership (ADM) and/or with seven or more full-time, state-allotted teachers.
  • A principal is the executive head of the school
  • Be employed as a school administrator throughout the local and regional selection process.
  • Be a practicing school administrator in order to compete for the Wells Fargo Principal of the Year state title and remain practicing principal for the entire term.
  • Hold a valid principal's license.

Candidates should:

  • Create a climate of inquiry the challenges the school community to continually re-purpose itself by building on its core values and beliefs about its preferred further and then developing a pathway to reach it.
  • Reculture the school if needed to align with school’s goals of improving student and adult learning and to infuse the work of the adults and students with passion, meaning and purpose.
  • Build a sense of efficacy and empowerment among staff that result in a “can do” attitude when faced with challenges.
  • Ensure the school is a professional learning community.
  • Create with staff opportunities for parents, community, and business representatives to participate in the school such that continued investments of resources and good will are not left to chance.

A runner-up will be named in the event the winner is unable to serve.

Previous state Wells Fargo Principals of the Year are not eligible to be nominated as candidates.


For information concerning local teacher of the year processes, please contact your district/charter official.

For information concerning regional teacher of the year processes, please contact a Regional Education Facilitator.

For information concerning, state teacher of the year processes, please contact the State Recognition Chair:

Dr. Cynthia Martin
Educator Support Services
Public Schools of North Carolina
Department of Public Instruction
6307 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6307