Each school system may select one principal as its local Wells Fargo Principal of the Year. The selection procedure at the local level is the responsibility of the local superintendent or designee. The selection must be objective and fair and must assure that all public school principals have access and equal opportunity to be nominated and to compete.

The person chosen as the local Wells Fargo Principal of the Year represents his or her school system in the regional selection process. The regional selection procedure includes an evaluation of the candidate through a portfolio review and an interview. Eight regional finalists will be named to participate in the state selection process.

The state selection process continues with each regional finalist being interviewed and his/her portfolio reviewed by a state selection committee.

The culmination of Wells Fargo Principal of the Year Program is a ceremony in Raleigh, where the statewide winner is announced. The date is set early fall. The N.C. State Superintendent of Public Instruction and other board members are invited to attend. The winner is confidential until the announcement ceremony.

Candidates at all levels deserve special recognition for achievement. Local school systems are encouraged to consider various means of recognition, such as surprise announcements, banquets, media coverage, awards, or other activities.

Local and regional candidates represent their school systems throughout the process. Each candidate should have the support of the district during all aspects of the competition - portfolio preparation, interview process, the on-site visits (when necessary), adherence to rules and publicity - as general moral support.

Regional winners are asked to chair the regional selection committees tasked with finding their successor at the end of their term.


July 2018 Announcement letter and materials are emailed to LEA Principal of the Year Facilitators.
August - October 2018 Superintendents initiate the process and select Local Wells Fargo Principal of the Year.
August - October, 2018 LEA forwards name of local winner on nomination form to Regional Education Facilitator.
November 2, 2018 Portfolios of local principals of the year are due to the Regional Education Facilitator assigned to the district. (Portfolios received after November 2, 2018 will not be processed unless there are extenuating circumstances.)
December 2018 Regional selection committees review portfolios, interview each local principal of the year, and select a regional Wells Fargo Principal of the Year and a finalist for each of the eight regions.
January - March 2019 The state selection committee reviews portfolios and conducts interviews for each of the eight regional winners.
May 2019 Wells Fargo North Carolina Principal of the Year is announced at awards event.