What is the Statewide System of Support (SSOS)?
The Statewide System of Support is comprised of four Service Support Teams with cross agency staff members who systematically collaborate to build capacity among local educators based on analyzed data for school improvement. These four teams serve their two-region areas by:

  • Analyzing data to identify professional learning needs
  • Identifying, developing, and implementing professional learning resources for educator growth and improvement aligned with professional standards.
  • Guiding LEAs and Charters to agency and educator resources.
  • Assessing the impact of services provided to guide future work.

Statewide System of Support Vision
The NC Statewide System of Support creates the conditions for systematic collaboration of stakeholders and cross agency staff members to assist districts and charter schools to develop and support highly effective educators and successful students.

Statewide System of Support Mission
Service Support Teams use data analysis and collaborative problem solving strategies to develop highly effective teachers and leaders through targeted, regional, customized professional learning to all districts and charter schools.

Please see the infographic below to learn about the services offered through the Statewide System of Support:

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Flowchart Transcript
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Statewide System of Support Service Map
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North Team | West Team | East Team | South Team


Map of North Carolina North Team West Team East Team South Team

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