Student Accounting comprises the collection and use of Student and School Activity data. The group also provides guidance on state law and State Board policies related to student accounting.

The Principal's Monthly Report is collected monthly from the schools and the following data is calculated: Average Daily Membership (ADM), Average Daily Attendance (ADA), Initial Enrollment (E12), and Membership Last Day (MLD).

The School Activity Report (SAR) is collected annually at the end of the second school month. The data includes information about certified staff, staff assignments, course subjects, class enrollment, and class length. The SAR data is the source of legislated Class size reporting, as well as highly qualified NCLB compliance.

Other annual data collections include Membership by Grade, Race, and Sex (GRS), Best 1 of 2, Retention, Promotions, and Graduation (RPG) and high school graduate information.


HB13 Class Size Requirements and Reporting
(pdf, 842kb)   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 10, 2019