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FBS Summer Conference 2016

  • Federal Fiscal Monitoring: Fostering Continuous Improvement
    (pdf, 666kb)
  • LEA Financial Compliance
    (pdf, 559kb)
  • Fiscal Compliance for Charter Schools
    (pdf, 53kb)
  • BUD Adjustments
    (pdf, 727kb)
  • Dissecting Charter School Funding
    (pdf, 142kb)
  • Budget Impact on Charter Schools
    (pdf, 52kb)
  • Internal Controls: A "Board's Eye View" of Policy Considerations
    (pdf, 946kb)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Update
    (pdf, 1.55mb)
  • Five Reasons to Revisit Your Expense Reimbursement Policies
    (pdf, 872kb)
  • LGC Update
    (pdf, 2.27mb)
  • Foreign National Taxation Compliance
    (pdf, 337kb)
  • ACA 1095 Reporting
    (pdf, 877kb)
  • 2016 Legislative Update - Bill status as of July 21, 2016
    (pdf, 272kb)
  • Charter Schools Performance Framework
    (pdf, 416kb)
  • Charter Schools Budget and Allotments Update
    (pdf, 166kb)
  • Charter Schools NC School Jobs
    (pdf, 905kb)
  • Charter Schools Autonomy and Accountability
    (pdf, 138kb)


FBS Summer Conference 2015


Prior Years

Federal Information

Personnel Information

  • The Cost of Workers' Compensation Benefits 2013
    (pdf, 310kb)
  • HB 4 - UI Fund Solvency and Program Changes for Employers 2013
    (pdf, 128kb)
  • HRMS (School Jobs) Update and Trends in Enterprise HR Apps 2013
    (pdf, 2.81mb)
  • Optimize Your Processing of Foreign Nationals and Current Issues Update 2013
    (pdf, 729kb)
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act: An Overview 2013
    (pdf, 1.61mb)

Finance & Salary Information

  • Salary and Salary System Issues - NCASBO 2015
    (pdf, 3.23mb)
  • BUD Adjustment Training Workbook - NCASBO 2015
    (pdf, 1.88mb)
  • Financial Practices and Oversight 2014
    (pdf, 193kb)
  • Fiscal Compliance for Charter Schools 2014
    (pdf, 565kb)
  • New Finance Officers (Part I) - Federal Grants 2013
    (pdf, 122kb)
  • New Finance Officers (Part II) - Financial Reporting, Salary, UERS, and Cash Management 2013
    (pdf, 1.87mb)
  • Salary Audit Issues - NCASBO 2013
    (pdf, 2.13mb)
  • BAAS - Budget and Amendment Approval System - NCASBO 2012
    (pdf, 1.19mb)
  • Salary Administration Overview & Update - NCASBO 2011
    (pdf, 1018kb)
  • BUD for Beginners 2010
    (pdf, 1.04mb)
  • Cash Zero-Out Process 2008
    (pdf, 77kb)

Other Information