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Ashe-Valentine, Unika A.Position Funding Specialist (Beacon Payroll)919.807.3273
 Time and Effort 
 Payroll Reporting 

Beaver, MichaelPurchasing Agent III919.807.3683
Benjamin, IrwinSection Chief -- Monitoring and Compliance919.807.3364
Bernard, RoxaneMSA Cash Management Trainer - CS / Lab Schools / LEAs919.807.3725
 Adjustments -- State 
 Allotment State and Federal Overdrafts 
 Chart of Accounts / Attachment A 
 Charter School Accounting 
 MFR (Monthly Financial Reports) 
Blackwell, HollieAdministrative Assistant -- Financial Services919.807.3610
Blount, VandoraTravel Advances919.807.3945
 Non-Employee Travel / Motorfleet 
 Travel Claim Audit and Review 
Brands, KynaPurchasing Agent -- Bulk Purchases for Computers and Printers919.807.3667
 Fixed Asset Officer 
Bruton, GeneAudit Compliance Supplements919.807.3726
 Non-Profit Reporting 
 Single Audit Review 

Campbell, ThelmaResidential School Payables919.807.3653
Cernik, FrankData Analysis -- Financial and Personnel919.807.3719
 Federal Financial Reporting 
Chapman, LisaPayroll backup919.807.3625
 Accounts Receivable 
Chapman, Ryan202 Forms919.807.3635
 Account Codes 
 Adjustments -- State 
 UERS Compliance 
 Cash Reports 
 Expenditure Reports 
 MSA Questions 
Clifton, AnnetteAdministrative Specialist -- CFO919.807.3603
Creech, LaShonAttendance Policy919.807.3727
 Class Size 
 PMR (Principal's Monthly Report) 
 Retention -- Promotion and Graduation 
 SAR (Student Activity Report) 
 Student Accounting Policy 
 Student Race and Gender 
Cruz, AmandaAttendance Policy919.807.3720
 Average Daily Membership 
 Local Salary Supplement Report 
 Per Capita Report 
 PMR (Principal's Monthly Report) 
 Student Accounting Policy 

Darden, RegettaSection Chief -- AP and Child Nutrition Claims919.807.3652
 Employee (staff) and State Board Travel Reimbursement 
 E-Procurement Requisition Approvals 
 Telephone Bill Payments 
 Sales -- Withholding -- and 1099 Tax Reporting 
 Direct Payments -- Court Reporting 
 Agency Direct Payments and Registration Fees 
 Direct Payments Workshops 
Dearman, MelissaSalary Audit -- Certified Personnel919.807.3735

Vacant, Section Chief -- Budget Management919.807.3743

Dunn, TymicaSection Chief -- Purchasing and Contracts919.807.3664

Evans, JeannetteCapital Building Fund -- 2910919.807.3744
 Budget Analyst -- ITS and Virtual Public Schools 
 NCWise -- Legacy and Connectivity 
 School Technology -- 2100 
 Teaching Fellows -- 6108 
Ezewuzie, BonaventureSection Chief -- Accounting Controls and Reporting919.807.3621

Farrington, NatashaACH Reconciliations and Analysis919.807.3654
 LEA Cash Management Training 
 LEA Cash Requests Review (State and Federal) 
 Month-End Cash Close 
Fuller, SamielSection Chief -- Cash Management919.807.3741

Hall, TonyaBudget Analyst -- Residential Schools and Office of Early Learning919.807.3695
 IDEA Preschool 
 Early Learning Challenge Grant 
 Early Childhood Integration Grant 
 CNCSD Scholarship Fund 
 Kelly Fund 
 Wendy Bumgarner Fund 
 Cronland Scholarship Fund 
 Alumni Fund 
 Stuart Trust Estate 
Harrison, AngelaERaCA (Education Centers -- 21st Century Programs)919.807.3734
 Full-time Personnel Report 
 High School Graduates Data Collection 
Hill, PamFederal Monitoring and Federal Compliance919.807.3682
Holly, SusanAllotment Analyst919.807.3675
Hunt, RuthElectronic/Direct Deposit Setup and Maintenance919.807.3649
 Vendor File Maintenance 
 Agency Cash Collections 

Isgett, DavidFederal Monitoring and Federal Compliance919.807.3738

Jackson, DeniseSystems Accountant919.807.3614
Johnson, CarrielineDirect Payments -- Teacher Substitute Payments919.807.3652
 Direct Payments -- Textbook Freight 
 Textbook Payments 

Kerr, Leigh AnnAssistant Director of School Business919.807.3700
Kilpatrick, JessicaPurchasing Agent -- Contract Administrator919.807.3661

Lefler, NicolaEDDIE919.807.3615
 Website for FBS 

Mangilit, JesseSalary Audit -- Certified Personnel919.807.3736
 Disability Refunds 
McCain, DorisAdministrative Assistant -- School Business919.807.3700
McIntyre, KyshiaAllotment Specialist919.807.3757
Mitchell-Richardson, NicolChart of Account Maintenance919.807.3742
 Flow-Throughs (Nonprofits -- Governmental and Nongovernmental) 
 I/C Expenditure Reconciliation 
 American Express Corp Accounts 
 Grant Summary 
 Month-End Reports 
 Petty Cash 

Peele, SherryAccount Payables Uploaded to NCAS (Byrd Scholarships and NCTA)919.807.3620
 Child Nutrition Claim Review and Payments 
 Child Nutrition Financial Reporting and Analysis 
Phaltankar, MeeraDirector of Financial Services919.807.3636
Prude, LydiaSection Chief -- School Allotments919.807.3718

Ray, MichaeleMFTS (Electronic Managed File Transfer System)919.807.3716
 ERaCA (Education Centers -- 21st Century Programs) 
Riddick, RosaE-Procurement Requisition Approvals919.807.3697
 Payment of Contracts < $5000 
 Purchase Order Invoices 
 UPS/FEDEX and Other Special Freight Payments 
Roper, BarbaraChief Financial Officer919.807.3810
Rosu, RaduData Analysis and Statistician -- Public Schools919.807.3727

Schauss, AlexisChief Business Officer919.807.3700
Short, AdamEducation Program Consultant919.807.3731
Small-Smith, MariciaSr. Allotment Analyst919.807.3737
Southerland, MashondaPurchasing Agent919.807.3661
Stokes, LafayetteReceiving and Surplus Clerk919.807.3668
Stone, EdFederal Cash Draw Down and Balancing919.807.3638
 Federal Grant Financial Status Reporting 
 Federal Grant Reconciliations 
 Budget Code Reconciliation for Workers Comp 
 Cash Requisitioning and Deposits 
 Vendor File Maintenance 
 Agency Allotment and Cash Projections 
 Cash Requisitioning 
 Federal Cash Draw Down and Balancing 
 Federal Grant Financial Status Reporting 
 LEA Cash Requests Review (State and Federal) 

Thomas, Herlene21st Century Title IV919.807.3748
 Basic Program 
 Community Services 
 Consolidated Assistance Program 
 ESETP Title II -- 357 
 Gates Foundation 
 Indirect Cost and Budget Setup 
 Innovative Programs 
 Learn and Serve 
 Migrant Education 
 Rural/Low Income 
 Safe and Drug Free 
 Title I Delinquents and Adult Corr. 
 Title V 
Tucker, GwendolynSection Chief -- Reporting919.807.3708
 Charter School Financial Guide 

Vacant, CAFR919.807.3629
 General Accounting 
 General Accounting 
 Budget Certification and Development 
 Salary Control System 
 210 Form approval for funding and budget code 
 Abstinence Grants 
 Advanced Placement 
 Budget Analyst -- Curriculum and Instruction and Special Populations 
 State Public School Fund 
 Federal Salary Schedules (All) 
 Healthy Schools 
 IDEA (all) 
 Maintenance of Effort -- CTE and IDEA 
 Math and Science 
 Tech Prep 
 Vocational Education 
 Child Nutrition 
 Intern Program 
 Licensure Trust Fund 
 Longitudinal and Cedars Grant 
 Plant Operations 
 School Bus 
 Budget Analyst -- State Funds (Financial Services) 
 Workers Compensation 
 English Learner 
 HIV Prevention 
 Agency Cash Collections 
 Purchasing Agent -- Contract Administrator 
 Federal Monitoring and Federal Compliance 
 Vendor Liaison 

Wall, MargaretBudget Analyst -- State Funds919.807.3749
 Statewide Data System Program 
 Education Fund 
 State Assessments 
 Indian Advisory Council 
 Holocaust Council 
 EDEN Grant 
 Teacher Working Conditions 
Watkins, CandaceACH Reconciliations and Analysis919.807.3643
 LEA Cash Management Training 
 LEA Cash Requests Review (State and Federal) 
 Month-End Cash Close 
 Federal Grant Reconciliations 
 Budget Code Reconciliation for Workshops 
 Federal Cash Processing 
 LEA Cash Requests Review (State and Federal) 
Westbrook, JamesPurchasing Agent919.807.4062