The School Finance page contains links to various resources for assisting LEAs and Charter Schools* with day to day financial operations. This cross functional web page allows you to navigate to other pertinent web links to ensure compliance with state and federal reporting guidelines.

Click on the following links for more information about school finance:

Financial Reporting
Data Transfer Schedules, Uniform Chart of Accounts, Annual/Monthly Report, and other Helpful Guides to help Finance Officers in preparing and processing monthly and annual reports.

Salary Guides
State Salary Manual, State Salary Schedules, information on Local Salary Supplements, and Attachment "A" for appropriate coding to the required licensure areas for salary payments.

Federal Fiscal Oversight and Compliance
Current funding and grant opportunities, related information, grant administration guidance, technical assistance, training, and additional resources to assist in the interpretation and application of State and Federal fiscal requirements.

Cash Management
Cash Management Procedures, authorization forms for ACH Bank Accounts, CICS Access Maintenance, Capital Outlay, information about cash Zero-Out procedures, and information on the Core Banking System.

NCVPS Funding
Summary view of the Administration and Teacher Payroll Costs of the NC Virtual Public School.

Forms needed to submit required information to the DPI for processing.

Child Nutrition
Financial management information.

CTE Fiscal Policy Guide
(pdf, 1.8mb)  POSTED 8/16/18

Legislation & Policy
Legislative bills and Q and A's on how the legislation affects your employment of personnel and payment of those employed in the school systems.


* Charter Schools should refer to the Charter School Financial Operations page in addition to the resources listed above.


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