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Federal Grants Available through the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI)
(pdf, 39kb)  UPDATED 08/01/14

Federal Award Information 2011-12 to 2013-14
(pdf, 71kb)  UPDATED 10/09/13

Federal Grant Expiration Dates
(pdf, 22kb)   UPDATED 06/17/14



  • IDEA Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (MOE) Calculation and Justification Forms
    (xls, 161kb)  UPDATED 07/17/14
  • Excess Cost worksheet
    (xls, 37kb)

Time & Effort

  • A-87 Selected Text - Compensation for Personnel Services
    (pdf, 19kb)
  • Approved Substitute Time Reporting Systems
    (pdf, 14kb)  UPDATED 03/15/12


  • Transferability Q & A
    (pdf, 25kb)  UPDATED 09/10/10
  • Transferability Process
    (pdf, 20kb)
  • Statutory Set-Aside Provisions Affecting Transferred Funds
    (pdf, 13kb)  UPDATED 07/18/12


Indirect Cost

Budget and Amendment Approval System (BAAS)


Federal Programs
A site that provides access to the many federal programs that impact education in North Carolina.

21st Century Community Learning Centers
Information about 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

No Child Left Behind
This site addresses key NCLB elements as they are implemented in North Carolina including methods of measuring students’ academic progress, standards for teachers, and ramifications for Title I schools.