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National Fund Total: $245 million

Funding is competitive grant driven


Provides grants to states to design, develop, and implement statewide P-20 longitudinal data systems to capture, analyze, and use student data from preschool to high school, college, and the workforce. Information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), regarding the SLDS grant program is available at the US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Institute of Education Sciences (IES) website.


DPI has applied for an ARRA State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grant to support creation of a State P-20 data system to be known as "NC P20+." Grant funding would support enhanced data efficiency and quality at DPI, enhancements to data systems in other NC education (pre-kindergarten and higher education) and workforce agencies, and increased ability to share linked data across the NC education-workforce continuum. This work would build upon the ongoing efforts to complete initial implementation of DPI's P-13 SLDS, the Common Education Data Analysis & Reporting System (CEDARS).

The NC grant application, which describes the plan for establishing NC P20+, is accessible through the following link:

North Carolina SLDS Proposal
( pdf, 1.8mb )