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In an effort to improve Financial and Business Services, an anonymous suggestions box has been established to serve as a forum for FBS employees to voice their concerns. We encourage FBS employees to speak out on any topic; however, in an effort to organize the suggestions we have provided 5 primary categories: Salaries, Operations, Internal Policy, External Policy, and Other. Although we cannot guarantee that we will address every suggestion, hopefully the submissions we are able to take on will significantly improve FBS for everyone.

Your suggestions are forwarded into a separate email account, which we assure you, is totally anonymous. We thank you again for the suggestions; hopefully, they will result in more effective leadership, operations, and overall, a more enjoyable experience for everyone in FBS.

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Suggestion Box Answers - Every month there will be an update to the Answers page. Please check the Answers page to see if your question has been chosen to be posted.