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This section offers information, data, related publications, and video examples to inform LEAs and schools as they work to successfully implement the Graduation Project.

Related Publications

  • North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE)
    In September 2010, EMC2 North Carolina, one of the business members of NCBCE, provided funding for a white paper on the North Carolina Graduation Project in order to describe the alignment between the skills students learn while engaged in the project and those sought by future employers. NCBCE White Paper: Education: The Backbone of a Healthy Economy
    (pdf, 200kb)



  • Dissertation Rearch
    • Carolan, N. J. (2008). Student Perceptions of the Senior Project Graduation Requirement. A dissertation. North Carolina State University.UMI 3345340 Proquest LLC
  • Testimonials
    • Robeson County teacher:
      We've been requiring the Graduation Project for 14 years. Students going on to college have applauded the Graduation Project as having prepared them completely for what college brings, and students in the military and workforce have said the same. Some have used their portfolios as part of their resumes for admission or employment. One student was admitted into the NC School of the Arts based upon her project. Another earned a promotion in the Army. One of the greatest effects has been the level of community service our students have given our local community. We have seen students develop into strong, capable, thinking adults: they have achieved the very purpose of the North Carolina Graduation Project!

    • Clinton City Schools teacher:
      My seniors will be the first to tell you that the GP has taught them many lessons; managing deadlines, solving problems, enhancing their writing skills, conversing with adults in the community, learning and using new technology…GP is preparing our kids for life..whether they go to college, work, or the military!

    • Johnston County student:
      At first, I dreaded doing the GP because I saw it as yet another assignment and couldn’t see how I was going to get everything done. But then as I got deeper into my research project, it all came together. I loved working with my mentor. Even though I was scared to present to an outside panel, it was great practice and allowed me to be the expert on something! I would do it again, well maybe not, but I would think about it!

    • EMC2 Vice President of North Carolina Operations:
      The Graduation Project is an outstanding initiative to help accomplish innovation because it encourages students to explore subject areas that they are passionate about and adopt the very communications, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that will make them successful in college and their careers.