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Touring Theater of North Carolina

Let Your Children Tell is a riveting forty-five minute play based on the actual experiences of three young people in Europe during the Holocaust – Jewish and Roma (gypsy) – who struggle to survive physically and emotionally under Nazi tyranny

Written by North Carolina playwright and producer Brenda Schleunes with support from the N.C. Council on the Holocaust, Let Your Children Tell has been presented to high school and college classes across the state.

View a five-minute segment from Let Your Children Tell.

For more information and to schedule a performance, contact the Touring Theater of North Carolina. Performance fees depend on several factors, including the site’s distance from Greensboro and the accommodation costs of the cast and crew.


"No stronger appeal for humanity and understanding of the evils of hate and prejudice can be imagined than the actual words of these children."
– Abe D. Jones, Jr., Greensboro News & Record

"The horrible coincidence of the Sept. 11 events makes Let Your Children Tell an even more important drama than when it was commissioned last winter."
– Leslie Mizell, Greensboro News & Record