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The Language of Science: Sid the Science Kid Balancing Act
In this interactive activity, students will move cocoons and birds to balance the rod and fill up the bird feeder. There is a pop-up window which explains what a lever is and gives examples.

The Language of Science: Solids and Liquids
In this interactive activity, students drag and drop chocolate and other substances into a beaker and add heat to see what happens. Students can also click cool to solidify the melted substance. A quiz is available at the end of the activity. Audio provided.

The Language of Mathematics: Exponents
This multimedia mathematics resource includes a video that illustrates how math is used by paleontologists in the study of dinosaurs. An interactive activity allows students to sort and then order numbers that are expressed in scientific notation. A print activity about exponents is provided. Also, This interactive mathematics resource uses the scenario of a paleontological dig to allow the user to explore the laws of exponents. The resource also includes print activities, solutions, and learning strategies.This resource explores the meaning of positive and negative exponents. Students can complete patterns of base 10 exponents in different forms and then view the powers in a real world context. The resource also includes print activities, solutions, and learning strategies.

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