Mandarin Chinese Greetings
Students who view this video will learn expressions and etiquette to greet and address someone appropriately in a Chinese community. Students will watch and be able to learn how to say hello and ask and answer some simple questions about themselves and others. Students will be able to find out if someone is a student and where he or she is from. Students will view how to signal in a polite way that you are going to ask a question and compare the nonverbal gestures commonly used when greeting someone in Chinese and American communities.

Cicero, Oration against Catiline, I.1-2, Audio and Latin text
Cicero's 1st Catilinarian (intro) read by Professor Richard Tarrant, Audio and Latin Text

The Bakeries of Mexico
In this lesson, students will listen to or read about bakeries in Mexico, types of pastries and bread baked daily. There are short and long passages with audio, scripts in Spanish and scripts in English. Short passages have about 125 words while long passages about 375 words. Included are comprehension questions and related links.