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Roles and Permissions
Provides Data Managers a quick reference guide for establishing role-based permissions in the Schoolnet portion of Home Base.
(doc, 83kb)

Roles and Permissions Matrix
This excel matrix gives a user an overview of all the current roles and what they allow a user to do or see.
(xls, 43kb)

Quick Overview of Some Likely School and District Scenarios
This graphic shows a few common permissioning scenarios and will link to documents that show the district data manager how to set them up. Note: Make sure you select the Present button in the googledoc so that that you can click to the links in the document.

More on Roles and Permissions -- Access for District Instructional Coaches
If your district has Instructional Coaches that work at more than one school within the district, you can add the roles needed and limit the access to only the schools where the additional roles are needed. This document provides details on adding roles for more than one school within a district along with the guidance for giving district level staff access to aggregate level data and teacher lesson planner.
(pdf, 772kb)

More on Roles and Permissions -- Access for Teachers to Build Benchmarks
If your LEA has teachers who help with building your benchmark assessments, this document describes the process to set the teacher up with the appropriate roles and access level in order to access benchmark items and build benchmark assessments.
(pdf, 1.3mb)

More on Roles and Permissions -- Access for School Library Media Coordinators and Instructional Technology Facilitators
This document is to provide a guide for setting up roles and permissions that might be useful at the school or district level for School Library Media Coordinators and/or Instructional Technology Facilitators.
(pdf, 870kb)

More on Roles and Permissions - Access for Teachers to Share Assessments
If your school has teachers that want to build assessments together or administer the same assessments to groups of students, they will need access to create Shared Classroom Assessments. This document describes the process for adding the appropriate role for a teacher to give access to create and use Shared Classroom assessments within their school.
(pdf, 887kb)

More on Roles and Permissions - Access for School Instructional Coaches
If your school has school level staff such as Instructional Coaches who need access to aggregate data and lesson plans in Schoolnet, you will need to add specific roles to their account. This document provides steps and guidance for giving school level staff access to aggregate data and access to the teacher lesson planner.
(pdf, 807kb)

Home Base Common Access Issues and Corrections
Help in resolving common access errors in Schoolnet and/or NCEES during Home Base rollout.
(pdf, 526kb)

Giving Students and Parents Access to the System through PowerSchool
Instructions for allowing access for parents and students.
(ppt, 6.3mb)

Access to Assessment Items
Further describes the exact role a Home Base user needs in order to access assessment items in Home Base.
(doc, 45kb)

Security Overview of Access Roles/Permissions
Outlines security and access to Home Base components PowerSchool, Schoolnet and Truenorthlogic, noting user rights and security restrictions are managed separately for each application.
(doc, 84kb)

User Roles and Access
Planning for Implementation
Technical Requirements