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This timeline for Home Base explains the following components became available in July/August 2013:

  • PowerSchool as the new student information system, a required element;
  • Schoolnet for instructional tools and assessment, optional;
  • Truenorthlogic's Educator Evaluation tool, required for teacher evaluations only at the time of rollout, and
  • Open content in the system that include tools for teaching and for creating assessments.

In October 2013, OpenClass, an optional collaboration piece was added, as well as Truenorthlogic's Educator Evaluation tool for principals, which is required.

Finally, in March 2014, Truenorthlogic's Professional Development tool will be available in Home Base; use is optional. Looking ahead to 2014-15, Test Nav will be added as a required piece used for summative assessment.

Kick-Off Year Timeline, The Basics

What's happening when to get Home Base up and running.
(pdf, 197kb)



User Roles and Access
Planning for Implementation
Technical Requirements