The Instructional Improvement System (IIS) is one of the Career and College: Ready, Set, Go! projects being developed through North Carolina's Race to the Top grant award. The instructional improvement system along with the student information system (PowerSchool) will become available to the field in a single product called Home Base.

Home Base will provide portals for students, teachers, parents, and school and district administrators to access data and resources to inform decision-making related to instruction, assessment, and career and college goals.

As illustrated by the image below, Home Base is one integrated platform that consists of both a student information system and an instructional improvement system. These combined systems will provide to educators, students and parents tools for information and data and for teaching and learning all under the roof of Home Base.

iis graphic

Students will use the IIS to:

  • Engage in interactive, rich educational resources that are tightly aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the NC Essential Standards
  • Take assessments with near-instant performance feedback
  • Store exemplars of personal academic and/or artistic work
  • Collaborate with other students on various projects

Teachers will use the IIS to:

  • Supplement their teaching with individualized educational materials
  • See a diagnostic breakdown of each child's performance including knowledge and skill areas that require extra attention
  • Engage in professional development modules according to personal interests, district goals, and state standards

Parents will use the IIS to:

  • Track their child's performance according to instructional goals set by the teacher, district, and state
  • Utilize at-home enrichment activities according to the student's performance and aptitude
  • Communicate questions and feedback to teachers and/or administrators

Administrators will use the systems to:

  • View aggregate and individual student performance reports
  • View aggregate and individual teacher effectiveness reports
  • Make placement decisions based upon the historical interaction of student performance and teacher effectiveness

And much more!