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Purpose of NC FALCON
The online professional development modules located in NC FALCON are intended to serve as a primer for teachers to learn more about the impact formative assessment can have on their instruction and help their students achieve targeted learning goals. Whether a beginning or seasoned teacher, the NC FALCON formative assessment modules provide a solid framework on which to build effective formative assessment practices in the classroom. Implementing these strategies provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning that will improve students' achievement of intended instructional outcomes.

Accessing NC FALCON through NC Education & Linking to a School or District
North Carolina's Formative Assessment Learning Community's Online Network (NC FALCON) is an online professional development series of modules. The modules provide information for educators who desire to learn more about how formative assessment can impact instruction and help students achieve targeted learning goals. NC FALCON is very intuitive and users can follow along once an account has been set up for them. The modules are arranged in order and progress from the basics of formative assessment into the more complex aspects of integrating strategies into classroom instruction. There is also a module specifically designed for administrators. The modules and other resources to support the use of formative assessment are located in NC FALCON.

Find out more about how to create an account and login to NC Education for access to the modules and other resources in NC FALCON and how to link your account to your primary school or district.
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