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Scheduled updates and releases

Oct 2014 Single sign-on/ADFS Upgrade the single sign-on/ADFS service and migrate it from the New Jersey data center to the Pearson data center in Iowa City. Complete
Nov 2014 Schoolnet Migrate Schoolnet Training environment to version 16.1 Complete
Fall 2014 TestNav Summative Assessment Add summative assessment component (TestNav) to the Home Base suite of applications. Pilot Summative Assessment capability by delivering 10 of the 30 NC Final Exams through the Summative Assessment platform.
Educator Evaluation System Analysis of Student Work (ASW) Goes live for whole state
Dec 2014 Schoolnet Implement version 16.0 with added optimizations and enhancements to distribute and balance the load on the Schoolnet system. Complete
March 2015 PowerSchool/Clusters PowerSchool UID and eScholar sync - 5 critical fields for matching should be sent back to UID if they are updated at any point in PS. The NCDPI QA
TestNav Summative Assessment Field test three High School EOC tests
PowerSchool/Clusters Cross LEA Course Enrollment The NCDPI QA
April 2015 PowerSchool/Clusters Teacher Verification of Course Certification Pearson QA
PowerSchool/Clusters Accountability Pearson QA
PowerSchool/Clusters LEP/WAPT Packaging and re-testing for distribution
PowerSchool/Clusters Title III Immigrant Complete - Waiting on LEP
PowerSchool/Clusters Historical Data Conversion
PowerSchool/Clusters Historical Transcript/Cumulative Folder Solution
May 2015 PowerSchool/Clusters Academically and Intellectually Gifted - Phase 2
Spring 2015 Schoolnet Migrate to version 16.3 Migration tentatively scheduled for April 18-19, 2015
TestNav Summative Assessment Pilot remaining 20 NC Final Exams and three High School EOC tests through the Summative Assessment platform
PowerSchool/Clusters EC CECAS (Phase III)
PowerSchool/Clusters Lottery