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Scheduled updates and releases

August 2014 Schoolnet Installing patch to correct issues found with instructional content search and save functions following the 16.0 upgrade. Scheduled for Aug. 18
PowerSchool/Clusters EC CECAS (Phase III)
PowerSchool/Clusters EDDIE Integration (turned back on) Completed
PowerSchool/Clusters Driver Eligiblity (SADLS)  On target
PowerSchool/Clusters Military Waiting on Business Owner Signoff
PowerSchool/Clusters Standards-Based Report Cards (SBRC) On target
Summer 2014 PowerSchool/Clusters LEP/WAPT
PowerSchool/Clusters Title III Immigrant Dependent on LEP/WAPT
Sept 2014 PowerSchool/Clusters Retention and Promotion Report (formerly RPG)
PowerSchool/Clusters Course Code Management
PowerSchool/Clusters Accountability
PowerSchool/Clusters Accommodations
Fall 2014 PowerSchool/Clusters Teacher Verification of Course Certification
PowerSchool/Clusters Cross LEA Enrollment
PowerSchool/Clusters Database Upgrade Database Upgrade to Oracle 8
PowerSchool/Clusters Grad Plan - Phase 2
TestNav Summative Assessment Add summative assessment component (TestNav) to the Home Base suite of applications. Pilot Summative Assessment capability by delivering 10 of the 30 NC Final Exams through the Summative Assessment platform.
Educator Evaluation System Analysis of Student Work (ASW) Goes live for whole state.
March 2015 TestNav Summative Assessment Field test three High School EOC tests
Spring 2015 TestNav Summative Assessment Pilot remaining 20 NC Final Exams and three High School EOC tests through the Summative Assessment platform
2014-15 School Year PowerSchool/Clusters Athletic Eligibility
PowerSchool/Clusters Academically and Intellectually Gifted - Phase 2
PowerSchool/Clusters Black Box
PowerSchool/Clusters Historical Data Conversion
PowerSchool/Clusters Historical Transcript/Cumulative Folder Solution