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How to Access Home Base
Eleven slides walk users through single, sign-on of Home Base and its major component landing pages - student information, instructional improvement and NC Educator Effectiveness (NCEES).
(ppt, 3.6mb)

How Students Access Home Base
Screen shots show student portal log-in page and student landing page with highlights on taking a test and more on student information pages.
(pdf, 663kb)

How Parents Access Home Base
Screen shots show parents how to log-in and set up their account in the Home Base parent portal.
(pdf, 558kb)

Schoolnet 17.0 Release Notes
Details of new features and functionality in the 17.0 version of Schoolnet. Note that only the IMS enhancements apply to NC as we do not have the EDS components of Schoolnet in our implementation.
(pdf, 4.2mb)