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Creating Benchmark Assessments
Step-by-step instructions for creating a district benchmark assessment using the NCDPI_Benchmark items that are secure for district level use only.
(pdf, 891kb)

Creating Assessment Items
Using Assessment Admin to create test content, filter and locate items, passages and rubrics; types of items you can create and scheduling tests.
(pdf, 1.2mb)

Sharing Assessments with Gradebook
Tips on sharing assessments with PowerTeacher Gradebook when creating a test or after the test has been scheduled.
(pdf, 437kb)

Using Home Base to Support Formative Assessment
Explains how certain features in Home Base can be used to support the formative assessment process.
(pdf, 4.3mb)

Formative Assessment Meets Open Class
Learn how to engage students in learning through collaboration and discussion in an online environment. OpenClass is a tool in Home Base that provides a way to collect and document evidence of learning during instruction. Read more details in this document.
(pdf, 0kb)

A Balanced Assessment System Visual: Integrating Assessment Into Instruction Visual
Find out more about North Carolina's Balanced Assessment System and integrating assessment into instruction with this new visual guide.
(pdf, 63kb)

How to Build ClassScape Assessments in Home Base
Step-by-step instructions for exporting your test information from ClassScape and using that information to build the same assessments in Home Base.
(pdf, 739kb)

NC ScanIt Guide
How to use the ScanIt application in Home Base including download instructions and printer settings.
(pdf, 937kb)

NC ScanIt Guide for Windows 8
How to use the ScanIt application in Home Base in Windows 8 including download instructions and printer settings for Windows 8.
(pdf, 4.4mb)

Getting Started with Online Testing
Screenshots to help you get started using online testing in Home Base.
(pdf, 624kb)

Guide for Quickly Creating Assessments with Passages
This guide specifically addresses the process for creating an assessment with one passage and multiple questions related to that passage.
(pdf, 366kb)

ScanIt Webinar Presentation (11/20/13)
This presentation provides details on how to use the ScanIt software to scan paper-and-pencil-assessment results into the Schoolnet component of Home Base.
(ppt, 6.5mb)