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Taking Attendance
Screen shots show how to take attendance in Home Base using PowerTeacher.
(pdf, 547kb)

Academic Progress
Quick reference guides for reporting student academic progress using PowerSchool, including generating transcripts and the NC report card.

Quick reference guides relating to admitting and withdrawing students using PowerSchool.

Quick reference guides for PowerSchool's attendance features includingdDaily attendance, bell schedules, printing attendance grids, enrollment attendance audit process and sign in/sign out daily attendance.

Quick reference guides related to scheduling in PowerSchool, such as adding courses to a student schedule, adding new courses at the LEA level, creating schedule using report card, dropping courses from student schedules, modifying a teacher schedule or sections, printing class lists and more.

School Information
Quick reference guides related to school business such as adding staff, managing rooms and periods, PMR setup, permanently storing grades, final grade entry and more in PowerSchool.

Student Information
Quick reference guides including adding historical grades, printing student schedules, students contacts, creating new school enrollment and more in PowerSchool.