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The Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) Program Approval Section of NCDPI, implements the North Carolina Teacher Education Program Approval process. The section is responsible for establishing, developing, and maintaining positive working relationships between the NCDPI and the public and private IHEs with teacher education programs. The section provides technical assistance to IHEs, coordinates on-site reviews of teacher education programs, edits reports of on-site visits, implements the IHE Performance Report, and the HEA Title II Report.


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In 2007, the North Carolina State Board of Education passed a policy that opened the State's doors to innovative lateral-entry licensure programs. The State Board of Education recognized that such programs can provide effective teachers in school systems that might otherwise struggle to fill positions with high-quality educators. The creation of a high quality teacher workforce requires a sufficient supply of teachers who have been well prepared prior to their entry into the workforce. North Carolina is home to a number of lateral-entry programs, including those run by school districts, programs sponsored by external partners, and those in partnership with institutions of higher education. Nationally, over thirty states offer alternative routes to teacher licensure.

This guide details the process through which the State Board of Education approves new innovative lateral-entry licensure programs. The guide specifically outlines the information that should be included in a successful proposal, including public school partnerships, evidence that candidates are prepared to be effective educators, and a focus on the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. Under Race to the Top, the State Board of Education seeks additional partnerships in the area of lateral-entry licensure.