In accordance with §115C-296.13(a), the North Carolina State Board of Education shall require all approved educator preparation programs, including master’s degree programs in teacher preparation and master’s degree programs in school administration, to submit Institution of Higher Education (IHE) Performance Reports. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction works collaboratively and continuously with reporters from every IHE across the state that offers a program leading to teacher licensure to gather information to meet North Carolina law, State Board of Education policy, federal Title II obligations and Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) recommendations.

Individual reports on undergraduate, graduate, and school administration preparation programs are included for each institution of higher education.

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What is included in the IHE Performance Report?
This rich data collection meets the specific requirements established in §115C-296.13(b) and includes a number of important components about the education programs an institution offers.

  • The initial section of the performance report provides an overview of the institution as well as the program areas and levels offered. It includes descriptions of how IHE programs address specific state board of education priorities, analyze needs and effectiveness of their program offerings, and determine effectiveness of candidate field opportunities and student teaching experiences.
  • The partnership section of the report outlines the direct and ongoing service the institution provides public schools throughout the year.
  • The student enrollment portion provides descriptive statistics about the students enrolled in an institution's program. Information about student entrance, program completion, licensure, and teacher effectiveness are included.

The IHE Report Card offers a quick snapshot of an institution's outcomes. Report cards can be located by clicking on the corresponding link in the left column.