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Assessment Briefs


North Carolina READY End-of-Grade Assessment Data Reporting (pdf, 529kb)
(May 2016)


Assessment Brief: Proof of Concept Study (pdf, 220kb)
(September 2015)


Assessment Brief: Understanding the Raw Score Ranges by Achievement Level Report (pdf, 47kb)
(May 2015)


North Carolina Testing Program Calculator Requirements (pdf, 128kb)
(December 2, 2014)


North Carolina READY Beginning-of-Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading Test (pdf, 217kb)
(November 2014)


North Carolina READY Gridded Response Practice Activities for Grade 5, Grades 6-8 and Math I (pdf, 177kb) (October 2014)


Use of Banked Scores in Accountability Reporting (pdf, 91kb)
(July 2014)


North Carolina READY End-of-Grade Assessments (pdf, 229kb)
(January 2016)

North Carolina READY End-of-Course Assessments (pdf, 171kb)
(June 2014)

Understanding the Five Achievement Levels (pdf, 44kb)
(April 2014)


Understanding the College and Career Readiness Alternate Assessment (pdf, 105kb)
(January 2014)



Assessment Brief Archive