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Archive of State Testing Results (Green Book)


State Testing Results (Green Book) 2012-13

The 2012-13 Green Book is divided into eight sections. They are:

Accommodations (pdf, 865kb)

Achievement Levels (pdf, 591kb)

Federal Subgroups (pdf, 2.2mb)

LEA Stem and Leaf (pdf,1.1mb)

Ranges for Achievement Levels (pdf, 260kb)

Score Frequencies (pdf, 1.7mb)

Student Exceptionalities (pdf, 1.6mb)

Goal Summary Reports (pdf, 193kb)


State Testing Results (Green Book) 2011-12

The 2011-12 Green Book is divided into 11 sections. They are:

Accommodations (pdf, 223kb)

Achievement Levels (pdf, 1.3mb)

DHHS Schools (pdf, 104kb)

Federal Subgroups (pdf, 2.8mb)

Goal Summaries (pdf, 110kb)

Historic Trends (pdf, 2.8mb)

LEA Stem and Leaf (pdf, 622kb)

Ranges for Achievement Levels (pdf, 260kb)

Retest Section (pdf, 5mb)

Score Frequencies (pdf, 1.6mb)

Student Exceptionalities (pdf, 1.2mb)


State Testing Results (Green Book) 2010-11

The 2010-11 Green Book is divided into 10 sections. They are:

Accommodations (pdf, 221kb)

Achievement Levels (pdf, 212kb)

Federal Subgroups (pdf, 639kb)

Goal Summaries (pdf, 100kb)

Historic Trends (pdf, 505kb)

LEA Stem and Leaf (pdf, 401kb)

Retest Section (pdf, 890kb)

Score Frequencies (pdf, 957kb)

Student Characteristics (pdf, 1mb)

Student Exceptionalities (pdf, 459kb)


Archive of State Testing Results (Green Book)