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Student Testing

ABCs of Public Education
Searchable school level accountability including End-of-Grade and End-of-Course assessment and Adequate Yearly Progress results

North Carolina School Report Cards
Searchable site that includes student performance, class size, school safety, and teacher quality data

Reports of Disaggregated State, School System (LEA) and School Performance Data
Student performance data by student subgroup for two years including the number of students at or above grade level (Level III), the number of valid scores, and the percent at or above Level III on end-of-grade (EOG), end-of-course (EOC), Grade 10, and alternate assessments

SAT Report
Annual reports of state SAT test performance from 1995 to present

Other Education Data

How Do NC Public Schools Measure Up?
The latest collection of public school rankings in an easy-to-share format.
(pdf, 297kb)   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 23, 2014

Attendance and Membership Data
Average Daily Attendance (ADA), Average Daily Membership (ADM), and Membership Last Day (MLD) figures by LEA. LEA rankings of ADA:ADM ratios for last three years. ADM and MLD available for each month of current school year and preceding school year.

Career and Technical Education
The Planning and Performance Management System provides information about results on seven performance indicators used to measure North Carolina's progress toward meeting requirements of the Carl Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998. Information can be accessed at the state, regional, local school system and individual school levels. To login and view reports, use guest for both username and password.

Dropout Reporting
State dropout reports and procedures manual from 2000 to present

Facts & Figures
Summary of state data on student enrollment, school personnel, SAT scores, cost of textbooks, transportation, school expenditures

North Carolina High School Feedback Reports
Includes reports from the University of North Carolina about high school graduates that sought admission to a UNC institution in the following fall. Reports include the Freshmen Applications Report and the Freshmen Performance Report as well as explanatory material for each.

NC Statistical Profile
A collection of statistical information about North Carolina's elementary and secondary schools, providing general statistical data on public school pupils, personnel, and finances

Positive Behavioral Support Program - Data from Selected Implementations
Data from recent implementations of the Positive Behavioral Support program in several North Carolina LEAs.

Select Financial Data
Financial subset of NC Statistical Profile. Published in January for preceding fiscal year. Reports available for fiscal years 2000 through 2005.

School Crime and Discipline Reports
Annual reports on School Crime and Violence and Suspensions and Expulsions dating back to 2001-02 school year.


Biennial Report of the State Board of Education (2004-06) (pdf, 0kb)
Report from the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Instruction that details progress toward the approved strategic priorities

Indian Education - State Advisory Council Report
Addresses relevant concerns pertaining to the education of American Indian students and provides appropriate recommendations to the State Board of Education from 2001 to present

Last Best Chance 2004 - Middle Grades Task Force Report
An update to the original “Last Best Chance” published by DPI in 1989. Outlines middle grades reform recommendations
(pdf, 600kb)

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
Also known as the Nation's Report Card the NAEP report is the only ongoing project to monitor trends in our students' achievement at the elementary, middle, and high school levels

Positive Behavioral Support Initiative Evaluation Report (2005-06)
A report on the implementation of the Positive Behavioral Support Program in North Carolina, including information on program coordination, training, evaluation methods, and evaluation results.
(pdf, 621kb)

Alternative Learning Programs Evaluation: 2001-02 (published August 2003)
(pdf, 2.9mb)

High Priority Schools Evaluation: 2001-02 Interim Report (published November 2002)
(pdf, 1.1mb)

Alternative Learning Programs Evaluation: 2000-2001 (published August 2002)
(pdf, 3.3mb)

Final Report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on the Charter School Evaluation (published November 2001)
(pdf, 789kb)

Three Year Trends of Long Term Suspended and Expelled Students 1998-2000 (published February 2001)
(pdf, 1.9mb)

School Size and its Relationship to Achievement and Behavior (published April 2000)
(pdf, 271kb)

Report on Delaying the Start of the School Day (published May 1999)
(pdf, 53kb)

Alternative Education for Suspended and Expelled Students (published May 1999)
(pdf, 113kb)

Report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on the Charter School Evaluation (published December 1998)