DIVISION MISSION :: We manage nearly $10 billion in state and federal funds and provide various technical support services to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), their schools, their employees, and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).



IFE Position Conversion Request


FBS Summer Conference


Chart of Accounts 2017-2018


2017-18 Principals Schedules FAQ
(pdf, 100kb)   LAST UPDATED: JULY 24, 2017


2017-18 Special Annual Leave Bonus FAQ
(pdf, 40kb)    LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 4, 2017


2017-18 $1,000 Raise FAQ
(pdf, 88kb)    LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 9, 2017


Highly Qualified Teaching Graduates

  • 2015-16 Low Performing Schools/Districts
    (xlsx, 49kb)   LAST UPDATED: JULY 12, 2017
  • Eligible Courses and License Areas
    (pdf, 186kb)   LAST UPDATED: JULY 18, 2017


HB13 Class Size Requirements and Reporting
(pdf, 807kb)   LAST UPDATED: JUNE 30, 2017


FY 2017-18 Budget Information


Future Indirect Cost Rates for LEAs, Regional and Charter Schools


Public School Business System Modernization

  • Plan Report (Draft)
    (pdf, 380kb) LAST UPDATED: MAY 5, 2017
  • Plan Summary (Draft)
    (pdf, 652kb) LAST UPDATED: MAY 5, 2017


Estimated Average Daily Membership for Charter Schools
Potential transfer of students from LEAs 2017-18
(xlsx, 28kb) LAST UPDATED: APRIL 26, 2017


Reporting of Fraud and Misuse of Funds


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