The Charter Schools Finance area is responsible for the training of charter school financial personnel and review of their certified audits, monthly expenditure data and electronically distributed related reports.


Dissecting Charter School Funding
Webinar presented by Alexis Schauss, Director of School Business, October 2015.
(wmv, 47.8mb)
Spreadsheet used as an example during the webinar.
(xlsx, 98kb)


Charter School Finance Guide
This guide contains information designed to familiarize personnel at Charter Schools with the financial services offered by the Division of School Business and the reporting requirements of the Division and related forms.
(pdf, 358kb)   LAST UPDATED: JUNE 8, 2015


Charter School Financial Performance Framework and Guidance
(pdf, 722kb)   POSTED 12/15/14


Charter Schools Only: Request for Charter School 2016-17 Projected Initial ADM - Closed
ALL charter school Executive Directors are required to provide a projected average daily membership and student grade span for 2016-17. This number is critical for the Division of School Business to build the budget and allocate resources. Even if your school has requested State Board approval for growth higher than 20%, you must respond to this request. Charter schools that do not provide a budgeted ADM will be budgeted at the funded ADM for 2015-16, with no growth.

Use your NCID to access the CSADM. If you have questions about NCID, please contact your NCID Administrator: Schools 000. If you have questions about the CSADM, please contact Angela Harrison, 919.807.3734 or


Cash Management Guidelines For Charter Schools
(pdf, 307kb)   UPDATED 11/12/13


Chart of Accounts and other Manuals
Various manuals which includes uniform chart of accounts, salary schedules and supplements.

Charter Schools State Allotments
Allotments for charter schools.

Data Transfer Schedule for Charter Schools
Schedule of Uniform Education Reporting System (UERS) data transmissions from Charter Schools to DPI, includes PMR schedule instructions and form.

Charter Schools Initiative Legislation
Legislation and policy regarding charter schools.


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