As teachers, principals and parents, we owe every child an education that properly prepares him or her for their next big steps after graduation – college, career and adulthood. To accomplish that, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is committed to providing the strategy and developing the tools you will need to most effectively play your role in each child's success.

To elevate our children means no more steps backward. Together, we're taking steps forward. Fall 2012 will see many changes in the way we teach, the expectations we hold for students and the way we measure success.

The new Common Core State Standards and the Essential Standards will become the new Standard Course of Study. In addition, the READY Accountability Model will ensure a more accurate picture of how well students are learning, and where we must make improvements.

This website was created to give teachers, principals and parents the resources and references they must have to ensure that students are achieving at their highest possible levels.

READY and Home Base Videos Now on YouTube
There is great teaching and learning going on all across North Carolina. To help showcase how local school districts are using Home Base and how the READY Initiative via Race to the Top (RttT) funding has supported school improvements and elevated instruction, the NCDPI Communications team is compiling a series of short video clips from the field on new Home Base and READY playlists on the NC Department of Public Instruction's YouTube Channel. Please take a moment to see how RttT is looking in classrooms across our state!