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Kayla Mathis, Sonja Ralston Elder, Jessie Peed, Casey Wyant
Pictured left to right: Kayla Mathis, Sonja Ralston Elder, Jessie Peed, Casey Wyant.

Public Charter Schools With Transportation: Increasing Access to Learning Opportunities for All Students
(pdf, 1.19mb)

School Nurses and Student Absenteeism: The Role of School Nurse Staffing Levels in NC’s Efforts to Turn Around Low-Performing Schools
(pdf, 1.34mb)

After School Closure: Tracking the Academic Performance of Displaced Students
(pdf, 1.58mb)

The Impact of Housing on Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Rural Areas: A Case Study
(pdf, 744kb)

NC Teacher Evaluations & Teacher Effectiveness
(pdf, 2.09mb)

AP Exam Subsidies in North Carolina
(pdf, 302kb)

NC Governor's School: Attendance, Demographics & Tuition
(pdf, 466kb)

Physical Education: It Works Out
(pdf, 1.12mb)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools System
(pdf, 1.43mb)

Teacher Working Conditions and Turnaround Efforts in Low-Achieving High Schools: What Works
(pdf, 879kb)

Charter Schools that Work: Policies & Practices of Effective High-Poverty Charters
(pdf, 1.58mb)

Turnaround Efforts in Low-Performing High Schools
(pdf, 4.65mb)

Through-Course Assessment
(pdf, 3.35mb)

Evolution & Use of Growth Models
(pdf, 1.62mb)

Academically or Intellectually Gifted Children
(pdf, 1.40mb)

Assessing Current Course Scheduling Practices of High Schools
(pdf, 818kb)

Exploring the Relationship Between Healthful Living and Graduation Rates
(pdf, 1.44mb)

Promoting Teacher Effectiveness in North Carolina
(pdf, 1.02mb)

Making North Carolina’s Teacher Salary Schedule More Effective
(pdf, 1.60mb)

Ninth Grade Academies - Easing the Transition to High School
(pdf, 137kb)

Ninth Grade Academies - Database
(xls, 292kb)

Has Supplemental Funding Helped NC Counties?
(pdf, 1.46mb)

Reducing Teacher Absences in North Carolina
(pdf, 407kb)

Positive Behavioral Support
(pdf, 1.2mb)

5th-6th Grade Transition
(pdf, 806kb)

Regional Specific Incentives for Teacher Recruitment and Retention
(pdf, 1.3mb)

Shared Services
(pdf, 1.6mb)


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