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Third-grade students receive extra attention in North Carolina because of the state’s Read to Achieve legislative initiative, a part of the Excellent Public Schools Act. Under this state law, third-grade students who are not reading at grade level by the end of third grade will receive special help, including summer reading camp and other interventions to make sure that they can read well enough to be able to do fourth-grade work.

North Carolina Read to Achieve

  • ExcelinEd Report on Read to Achieve January 2017
    (pdf, 860kb)
  • Improve K-3 Literacy Accountability Measures October 2016
    (pdf, 8.7mb)
  • Improve K-3 Literacy Accountability Measures: Comprehensive Plan for Reading Achievement October 2016
    (pdf, 4.1mb)
  • NC Read to Achieve Guidebook
    (pdf, 1.9mb)
  • Excellent Public Schools Act HB 950 (Read to Achieve Law: pp. 38-44)
    (pdf, 1.1mb)
  • HB 230
    (pdf, 93kb)
  • NC Comprehensive Reading Plan
    (pdf, 621kb)

7 Components of Read to Achieve

  • Elimination of Social Promotion
    (pdf, 39kb)
  • Facilitating Early Grade Reading Proficiency Process
    (pdf, 45kb)
  • Developmental Screening and Kindergarten Entry Assessment Process
    (pdf, 49kb)
  • Comprehensive Plan for Reading Achievement Process
    (pdf, 38kb)
  • Successful Reading Development for Retained Students Process
    (pdf, 38kb)
  • Notification Requirements to Parents and Guardians Process
    (pdf, 44kb)
  • Accountability Measure Process
    (pdf, 38kb)

Third-Grade Reading Portfolio

Reading 3D

  • Reading 3D Frequently Asked Questions
    (pdf, 695kb)