There is no state professional educator's license required to be a paraprofessional / teacher assistant.

Please contact the Human Resources or Personnel department of a LEA or school system for employment information and opportunities. LEA (school system) contact information, including Personnel Administrators and Principals can be found in EDDIE. Use the LEA Personnel Report (located under the Reports Menu) to obtain contact information for all of the LEAs, or use the Search or Selection boxes to navigate to an individual LEA for their staff information, or to a school for their principal information. For help with LEA or school information, please go to the EDDIE Information page. Charter school contact information is also in EDDIE, or can be found on the Office of Charter Schools website: Charter School Contacts.

For ESEA (NCLB) purposes in public schools, a paraprofessional is a teacher assistant.

Please visit District Human Resources for information on the Qualifications for Paraprofessionals to be employed in a Title I school-wide program or targeted assistance program.


North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants (NCATA): NCATA promotes the important role of teacher assistants in the public schools, provides professional training opportunities, and works to improve salaries and employment security.

National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals: NRCP serves paraeducators; teachers; policymakers and administrators; other education professionals; occupational, physical and speech-language therapists; early childhood specialists; personnel developers in 2 & 4 year colleges and universities; and other stakeholders.