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  • Data Quality Management Best Practices
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  • Data Management Group Policy – Employees Working with Data
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  • Data Management Group Policy – Sharing Data with Researchers
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  • MIS2000 Country Abbreviations
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Enrollment Verification Rept. Template
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The Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) is the heart of the Migrant Student Record Exchange Initiative of the United States Department of Education (USEd) Office of Migrant Education. MSIX is a web-based system which consolidates migrant student records and produces useable information on the population of migrant children. These records can be used by authorized school personnel to facilitate school enrollment, grade and course placement, and the accrual of secondary school course credits. The MSIX does not replace existing state migrant student record systems; rather it links them in a minimally invasive manner to collect, consolidate, and make available critical information. The MSIX also leverages available information provided by the states to USEd’s Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN) system to ease the data collection burden on states. The MSIX is used primarily by the frontline educators who need migrant student data to make time-sensitive and appropriate decisions on enrollment, grade or course placement, and accrual of credits. These primary users are typically local school counselors, school registrars, and Migrant Education Program (MEP) specialists. State and federal government personnel also access MSIX. Some of these users work directly with migrant students and others who provide administrative and technical support to the MEP. USEd is also a user of MSIX for national migrant child counts and statistical analysis.

Source: MSIX brochure

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MSIX Brochure
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MSIX Brochure--Spanish
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MSIX Presentation
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North Carolina MSIX Policies and Procedures Manual 2012
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