Competency Based Professional LearningLearning activities that result in the participants demonstrating evidence of achievement of specified outcomes.
Continuing Education Unit (CEU)Credit for hours spent participating in professional learning at a ratio of 1 CEU per 10 hours of learning.
Micro-credential Recognition achieved through demonstrating mastery of a defined skill or competency, including industry-recognized competencies.
CredentialThe acknowledged completion of a thoughtfully designed series or multiple sets of recognized competencies that an educator earned by demonstrating mastery of the defined skills or competencies. (see Micro-credential)
StackOne organized set of credentials that an educator earns by demonstrating mastery of the described skills or competencies. Also referred to as a cluster, collection, assemblage, or amassment.
StackabilityThe idea that micro-credentials build upon or complement each other to represent a carefully assembled set of professional skills.
BadgeDigital or physical representation of a micro-credential, stack, or credential.
EarnerThe educator or professional submitting evidence for the micro-credential.
IssuerThe group or organization that has created the micro-credential and validates the educator's competence in the defined skill or set of skills.
RecognizerThe person or organization (often the Local Education Agency or school administrator) that recognizes and accepts the micro-credential, stack, or credential as a representation of the educator's skill or competence (formally, through CEUs or licensure procedures, or informally through hiring practices and recognition).
ReviewerAn expert, often times an educator that has previously demonstrated mastery of skill(s) required for the micro-credential, evaluates evidences to determine if the competency has been demonstrated.
Review ProcessA reviewer utilizes a rigorous rubric and scoring guide to evaluate evidences.
BackpackA repository where earners can collect digital badges from a variety of issuers.
PortabilityThe ability to earn badges from anywhere, then share them wherever you want—on social networking profiles, job sites, email signatures, and on your personal website.
VerifiabilityThere is meta data attached to the badge that provides information about who issued the badge, when it was earned, what was required to earn it, and any additional relevant details.
Open Badging Initiative (OBI) A Mozilla-Created program that created standards for micro-credentials/ badges. The OBI states that micro-credentials must be a) portable, b) stackable, c) verifiable, and d) open. OBI created a free, open software designed to help individuals earn and organizations design OBI compliant badges.