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More than 59,000 school age children of military personnel live in North Carolina across all branches, including the Guard and Reserve. Service and sacrifice are two attributes that every military family share by the nature of their loved one's military service. Critical times for the children of our state's military members include the service member's departure for deployment, time while deployed and the return and reintegration to family life after the deployment is over. Some service members have deployed up to five, six or more times since the events of September 11, 2001.

  • Military Liaison Counselors offer training to school system staff and provide direct support to military connected children in four North Carolina school systems with the highest population of military-connected students: Craven, Cumberland, Onslow and Wayne.
  • Installation School Liaison Officers - Each military installation provides support to the K-12 students in and around their installation (catchment area) by employing at least one school liaison officer (some have more!).
  • Reach MCNC – Reach Every Military Child in North Carolina is a joint effort of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the military installation school liaison officers. If you are a military family and have questions about K-12 education, you can contact the school liaison officer mapped to your region, regardless of your branch or installation affiliation.
  • Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children - North Carolina was the eleventh state to sign a multi-state compact (46 states as of 4/8/14) that supports interstate cooperation between member states in four key problem areas for more military-connected children: enrollment, record transfer, extracurricular eligibility and graduation.

You may contact our NC state military liaison Doug Taggart if you feel you've exhausted local resources above or are not certain where to take your question: 919.807.3346.


This map shows the number of National Guard families in each county who have been affected by deployments since 2001.

National Guard Map