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What North Carolina Teachers Need to Know
Procedures and Requirements

This information is for first time candidates only - Not renewal and retake candidates

Applying for National Board Certification Funding Information
(pdf, 378kb)

NC-NBC Application and Process Flow Chart
(pdf, 28kb)

Funding Options
(pdf, 354kb)

Eligibility Criteria for the State Loan
(pdf, 312kb)

NBC Truth in Lending
(pdf, 73kb)

NBC State Loan Application

If your application is approved, you will receive an email (Please use an email address that you check often) concerning what you should do next. The email will contain time sensitive information that you must respond to immediately or the funds will be given to another candidate.

The deadline to apply for the loan is December 31, 2018 or until all funds are dissolved, whichever comes first.

Questions concerning state funding or if your loan application has been denied please contact:
Dr. Sonja Brown, NC National Board Certification Program Director
919.807.3358 (Phone)
919.807.3362 (Fax)