The North Carolina Education Directory is made available by the Department of Public Instruction’s Communication and Information Services division as a service to educators and others interested in public education.

The directory provides information on the State Board of Education; the Department of Public Instruction; educational associations and commissions; and local school districts, charter schools, special and federal schools, and postsecondary schools.

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  • Education Directory
    (pdf, 3.0mb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

  • Section 1 - State Agency
    (pdf, 1.3mb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

  • Section 2 - Associations and Commissions
    (pdf, 440kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

  • Section 3 - Schools
    (pdf, 578kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

  • Directions for Creating a Spreadsheet of Schools/Principals from the "Read Only" version of EDDIE
    (pdf, 15kb)   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 9, 2012

  • Directions for Creating Mailing Labels for North Carolina Public School Personnel
    (pdf, 1.2mb)   LAST UPDATED: APRIL 22, 2013

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