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Recruitment/Retention Bonus for Teachers At Hard to Staff Schools in Hoke County and Similar LEAs

  1. Anticipated Outcomes: To reduce teacher turnover and recruit highly qualified/experienced teachers to selected schools in Hoke County and at other schools in similar LEAs.

  2. Rationale: While an $1,800.00 bonus to recruit math, science, and special education teachers to hard to staff schools was not considered successful in North Carolina, we believe a signing bonus in tandem with bonuses in years 3, 5, and 7 will have significant power in recruiting and retaining quality teachers. Within North Carolina and nationally, school systems are using bonus strategies to recruit highly qualified teachers to hard to staff schools. Some of the problems with the $1,800.00 bonus have been addressed in this bonus structure (available to all highly qualified teachers and better communication are two examples). This bonus also ties payment to service completion over time which we believe will lead to success.

  3. Implementation: Establish a recruitment/retention bonus that would be awarded to highly qualified teachers who remain as a classroom teacher in selected schools in Hoke County and similar district(s). Eligible schools would have a turnover rate, based on a three-year average, of 28% or more. Six Hoke County schools would qualify initially under this definition. The total bonus would be established to award eligible teachers a total award of $14,500 if they complete seven years at the school (plus $1,500 signing bonuses for teachers new to the school). Incremental payments will be distributed at the completion of the teachers 3rd, 5th, and 7th year at the school based on the following schedule:
    • Signing Bonus:
      $1,500 teachers new to the school only

    • Retention Bonuses:
      Year 3: $ 3,500
      Year 5: $ 4,500
      Year 7: $ 6,500

    These payments will be in addition to salary, supplements, and incentive bonuses paid to the teachers assigned to selected schools in Hoke County and similar district(s). Teachers will be made aware of these bonuses through an aggressive marketing campaign.

    Eligible Teachers: To be eligible, teachers must spend at least 70% of their work time in classroom instruction and the teacher must be classified as Highly Qualified (see note). The teacher must be employed at the same eligible school for each school year. Partial payments will not be made and a teacher must complete three years of service before eligible for any payment. Highly qualified teachers currently employed in these schools would receive one year’s credit toward earning the bonus pay.

  4. Projected Costs: $3.14 million. The State Board of Education has requested $250,000 to be appropriated for a pilot for this purpose. In addition, it is recommended that the $2.89 million in funds for bonuses to science, math and exceptional children’s teachers in high priority schools not be cut from the budget, as recommended by the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, but rather used for these recruitment/retention bonuses. This funding level is projected to be sufficient to implement this program. It is anticipated that at least one other LEA similar to Hoke County could be included in the pilot with an appropriation at this level.

Note: "Highly Qualified" teacher is one who is: fully certified and/or licensed by North Carolina; holds
at least a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution; and demonstrates competence in each core academic subject area in which the teacher teaches.

Hoke County Board of Education v. State of North Carolina Letter

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