NEWS RELEASES 2011-12 :: OCTOBER 6, 2011


Meaningful and effective professional development for North Carolina educators is the linchpin for success in the Race to the Top initiative, and our state is leading the way. 

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction officials spent the past several months hosting dozens of Summer Institutes across the entire state, reaching more than 2,200 teachers, principals, superintendents and other educators for training on the new Common Core and Essential Standards, made possible by Race to the Top funds.

Now, this critical effort continues.  During the 2011-12 school year, NCDPI will host more than 130 sessions across North Carolina, reaching more than 6,000 educators, whose charge is to fully prepare their districts and schools for implementation of the new standards beginning next fall.

“In the face of our budget challenges, NCDPI is forging ahead with ensuring that our educators are prepared to increase their effectiveness in the classroom,” said Lynne Johnson, Director of Professional Development for NCDPI. “We have sharpened our focus around what is important, which is direct support to school districts in building a solid structure for their schools, based on their needs.”

This deep level of professional development for teacher-leaders, principals and other educators will be deployed not only through face-to-face sessions, but also via webinars and online professional development modules. It will work to improve curriculum content, and to instill processes for ensuring sustainability for years to come.  North Carolina colleges and universities and other partners also will be involved in this training.

The new standards also require more collaboration than ever before among teachers and principals, with a clear focus on literacy, including reading, writing, vocabulary, comprehension and more, expertly woven throughout all subject areas. Teacher-leaders and principals are receiving the training they need to use student data that will inform instruction and create a plan tailored for success in their districts and schools.  Educators also will be looking at the fidelity of these efforts, with new ways of figuring what “proficient” really looks like, what it means for students and how their academic needs can be better addressed.

“The size and scope of the professional development we are able to provide for educators across North Carolina is enormous, thanks to Race to the Top funds and the expertise of our professional development team,” said State Superintendent June Atkinson. “Our goal is every teacher and principal in our state being thoroughly supported as they prepare to teach the new standards and experience higher levels of success with their students than ever before.”

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