NEWS RELEASES 2012-13 :: AUGUST 13, 2012


Do you have a question about recently-passed legislation that may affect public schools? If so, the answer may be found in the 2012 Report on Education Legislation, which is now available online at

The 206-page book includes summaries of all legislation affecting public education including individual bills, special provisions of the budget, and the "money report." It also includes copies of individually passed bills and relevant portions of the budget. The book serves as a reference for legislation that will be codified until revised editions of the statutes are available. Some legislation will remain only in this form as session laws and will not be codified, making it important to keep copies of bills.

The report was compiled by State Board of Education Legislative Director Ann McColl and is available in bound form with tabs from the NCDPI's Information and Communications Division for $22.50. To order, please call NCDPI Publications Sales at 919.807.3470.

As a part of implementing these new legislative requirements, the NCDPI also will issue more detailed guidance on many of the issues addressed in the book. For more information, contact Loretta Peace-Bunch at